Monday, July 8, 2013

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time on a  cold cloudy day there was a girl called Alabella .She walked to school alone. When she got to school she hang her bag on the chair.

When the morning tea Alabella  went to the shops with her friends Jilly Billy and Sponge pant. There was a man stalking her on her netbook Looking at the password.

Alabella and her friends were at the park then the bell started ringing, they were the last to go class. Then the man came to the playground and snatch her bag run away. AlAbella went to the principal and told what happened.

Principal said to her why did you take your bag out of class she didn’t reply? The principal rang the police and tell them what happen. On their way they saw the man that had  Alabella bag.

They went after them and got the bag and gave it to Allabella.

                                         THE     END!!

Doris Motivation for writing. Rock Climber/Success

One day I climbed a treacherous mountain. I gripped onto the rock face  feeling  really nervous . I hope I don’t fall”I thought to myself.

I nearly let go of the rock face but I thought to myself “Yes I can do it. I’m nearly up the top.”  I felt the sun beating on my back. I persevered and tried my best to never give up. I did it. “I’m up the top,I thought to myself”.

Success is largely a matter of hanging on 
after others have let go.
This Quote By William Feather is telling us to not give up because that is how I can reach my goal.