Friday, August 23, 2013

Practising For The Evanngless

On Monday after school at 4:30 me and my friends from church had a practice for the evangless( Evangless is a kind of a youth thing). On the 30th of August I have to invite friends from school to come, watch and support me.

When I got there at church me and friends were practicing while our leader comes. While we were practicing our leader Shekinah got here, so we did our prayer to start of our day. We started dancing(Are you ready by Mary Mary).

We had a 5 min break after we finished one dance. Then we kept practicing until we finished our new dance. It took us to finished it 2 hours. Then we had lunchtime we ate cookies,chips and drinks. We finished of with a prayer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

At the Airport

On Tuesday at 12:00 o'clock my family got ready to go to the airport. We went shopping to buy food for my family at Samoa. After shopping then we went to the airport and waited for my dad and my grandparents to do their stuff.

My grandma have to sit on a wheelchair because she might walk up the stairs and fall down. When it was 2:30 they lift because their time was half past four and they don't want to walk by four o'clock.

We took some photos and said good bye. Some off us were crying. After we went to buy some food for my family because my brother and baby sisters were crying. So we went to by chips and drinks.