Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Netball in a raining day

In lunch time and sometime after school we had netball trials. It was my first time signing up for netball. It was cool and fun. My posision was wing defence and center. My favourite posison was center because I  get the ball alot.

Yay we get trail in the holiday because it was raining in our final practise. It was raining and we got wet. All off us were wearing our PE shirt and uniform . Ms Vaafusuaga came and told us remeber to bring change of clothes. Then we had a game with the year 5 and 6 but it was still a trial.

We were still playing then it started raining hard out. We had to go home because it was raining hard out. Me , Shanika and Rayleen walk home togetter.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Tech at Tamaki College

On every Thursday we go to Tamaki college for tech , I was in the cooking group . I love going to tech because we do cooking and when I go home I can cook dinner for my family .

Before we go in the Kitchen we wash our hands the put a april on . Then we go to our groups , there were 3 people in my group . It was Cheyanne , Taamai and Flora .

Misses Heka told us what we are gonna cook for today . Then we started cooking andwe were making french toast . It was yummy and easy to make .

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fire at the GenGis Khan Restraunt

We went down to Manukau for our  youth practice .  I was playing outside with my brothers and there was a smoke coming from the restraunt . Our church people came and had a look what is happening , other people came too . There was a men that got hurt .

There were five fire engine came , a fire rescue and ambilance . It was crowed there people were walking around .Not much people from the restraunt worker got hurt , one men got burn when he tried to take the frying pan off then the fire got bigger .

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing with my siblings

After school I go home and dress then played with my brothers and sisters . We played at the basketball court next to our house . We played master and we sometime ride on the bikes and scooter .

When we are hot we go to the Glen Innes pool next to the basketball court . I like going to the pools , it feel relaxing . After we finished swimming we went home and eat then come back out again and play at the park .

When we feeling tired we went home and sleep .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunday School

On Sunday in the morning we had Sunday school .We have Sunday school every sunday .
We started with a prayer before we go to our group . After that we split out to our groups .

There are little kids , middle and older kids groups . I was in the older kids group , we always have to do the mission and vision every morning before we start . Mission and vision it like a prayer but it not.

After we had finished we go and sit down on the chairs .Then the teachers told us to stand up and sing . After we sang we did a prayer to end our day . Then we sat down and watch the quayer 
singing .

Monday, April 8, 2013

Drummers and Cook Island group

On Friday we had an assembly in the hall , I sat down and stared at the drums up the stage .
Then we stand up and sing the national afthen . After we sang the national afthen we sat down again.

Then Miss Muliamase’alii came and introduce her guesses . The yr 7 and 8 boys play there part then they went of . The older people started drumming and the Cook Island girls came and dances .

I was fun watching them drumming and dancing . Then Mr Burt introduce a new girl to our school , it was Miss King daughter . We said welcome to Point England School .

Then Mr Jacobson turn the music on and we all go to our classroom .

Friday, April 5, 2013


On Thursday our teacher told bring your brothers and sister because we had a special treat from the Variety club . I was so excited. When we  had finished school I went home and told my brothers and sisters come to school tomorrow .

Yay it’s Friday , I got up and got dressed in my uniform then I had breakfast. I came to school with a smile in my face , I can’t wait ? When it was morning tea time I talked to my friends and I said what do you think the treat will be .

I saw my sister then I walked over to her and I said hi Daisy and she said look inside there , I turned and look it was easter eggs. Soon the bell went and we had to go to class. It was maths time so I was doing my maths whizz and then it was time to pack up .

It was time for TREAT Misses Lagitupu give outs the easter eggs . I thought we only get one each but we got 20 inside a boxes , I went home with a smile in my face .