Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My weekend

On Saturday I went to my auntys house we have'nt seen them for long and we had BBQ.
Me and my cousin was playing on the trampoline while we wait for the BBQ to really.

When the BBQ was really we went to eat after we have finished eating we went back outside and we play cricket with my cousin my dad and uncle joyed the game too.

Me and my cousin went inside to watch television while the boys and my dad,uncle play cricket outside.We were watching our favourite chanel 40 we watch so random.

Then my cousin said should we go play ball table and I said yes we went outside to the garage to play ball table.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Church Auvers sur-oise - Critique of my art

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous paint artist, he painted Church of Auvers Sur Oise in 1890 years ago.I tried to replicate his painting of the church and tried to copy his technique style.He use oil to paint the church
Similarities to my work between Van Gogh painting I tried to mix white and brown to make light brown to paint the top roof.
What is differences between my work and Vincent Van Gogh work is the curltied is to small and Van Gogh paint curltied is big.
The church is like spoky scarry houses at the back of the church,
the sky is so spoky and scarry.