Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking down to the reserve

On Friday after school me and my dad went for a walk at the reserve . My dad was walking I was on the bike . When we got down at the reserve we sat down on the chair . We watched the birds flying .

Then we had a race , he goes on the bike and I walk . It was funny I trip on a hole , my dad was laughing . He said' are you alright , I'm okay . My dad said lets go home .

On our way home we had a little played at the playground . Then we went home , when we got there he said lets go buy something to eat . We bought fish 'n' chips .

 It was yummmy . We went home happily and I said thank you at last .

Monday, March 25, 2013

Aunty's Pasefika mum past away

In the weekend my aunty , uncle , cousin and her brothers went to Samoa to there mum grave .  She was sad when she heard that her mum past away . We gave her 4000 dollar to them . Next day they went to Samoa .

Then the next it was her mum grave . Her dad did the prayed . After they dig a hole and put the grave down . My aunty was crying when they put her in the grave .

At last they chuck flowers in . They went back home home with her dad . On Saturday they came back. They came to our house and give some food from Samoa .

They said Samoa was find and my cousin got sick from the pools so we have to keep away from them .

Friday, March 22, 2013

Special guess STKS

We had an assembly and there was a special guess coming . Ms Muliaumase'alii introduce him it was Sticks . He sang 5 songs to us . He has a great voice . It fun having a special guess coming to our school .

His Samoa name is Lalaa'u . I love all the songs he sang .


There was a earthquake happening . I didn't felt the earthquake shaking because we were down at Manukau going to church . But it was raining down there . After church has finished we had tea .Then we came back , but we  still didn't felt a thing .

The lonely old man

One day there was a lonely old man walking along the sand at the beach .The old man name was Jack. He was holding his sandals while walking in bare feet . He had grey hair and was wearing oversize coat .

Poor man he's homeless . He has no family and no kids . His feet was tingling and felt cold in the sands He was so lonely no one talks to him , but then someone 'said" hi .

As he walked past people they felt sorry for him . He went to the beach to washed his feet. He looked at people in the beach splashing  around and soon he got wet . So he went to a sunny place and dried out .

After he dried out, it started raining . Poor old man no where he could run . He saw a broken umbrella and he went to hide in it . He hide under the umbrella and his hands felt freezing .

A man walked by and he saw someone under the umbrella . He went and looked it was an old man . He said" lets go up to the building . When he got to the building it stopped raining . He went to his house and had a rest .


Friday, March 15, 2013

The Special Assembly

Last week on Friday we had an assembly and half of our class went to softball. We sat down on the chairs and listened to Miss Muliaumase'alii and group singing Fiafia music.We started singing too. It was fun .

After Miss Muliaumase'alii and her group sang she introduced a special guest. I was wondering who it was . Miss Muliaumase'alii told us .It was her brother we clapped to welcome him .Then he told us about where he travels to . He travels to Austrian , London and Samoa .

He began to sing the minoiminoi song means hurry it a samoa song .When he finished saying his bit we say minoi minoi minoi . It was funny and we were laughing . All off the class were waving there hand up .

Miss Muliaumase'alii brother sang another song that come from Samoa too , but this one is about the Surinam happen in Samoa .Then next he sang a song from London.His voice was high and genral . It was amazing .Then we went back to class .
                                                             The  End

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