Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking down to the reserve

On Friday after school me and my dad went for a walk at the reserve . My dad was walking I was on the bike . When we got down at the reserve we sat down on the chair . We watched the birds flying .

Then we had a race , he goes on the bike and I walk . It was funny I trip on a hole , my dad was laughing . He said' are you alright , I'm okay . My dad said lets go home .

On our way home we had a little played at the playground . Then we went home , when we got there he said lets go buy something to eat . We bought fish 'n' chips .

 It was yummmy . We went home happily and I said thank you at last .

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  1. Hey Doris,

    Wow! What a great piece of writing you got there. I like the way you have put in speech marks and great punctuation. Maybe next time you could read it before you publish it on your blog.

    From Taeshell


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