Friday, April 5, 2013


On Thursday our teacher told bring your brothers and sister because we had a special treat from the Variety club . I was so excited. When we  had finished school I went home and told my brothers and sisters come to school tomorrow .

Yay it’s Friday , I got up and got dressed in my uniform then I had breakfast. I came to school with a smile in my face , I can’t wait ? When it was morning tea time I talked to my friends and I said what do you think the treat will be .

I saw my sister then I walked over to her and I said hi Daisy and she said look inside there , I turned and look it was easter eggs. Soon the bell went and we had to go to class. It was maths time so I was doing my maths whizz and then it was time to pack up .

It was time for TREAT Misses Lagitupu give outs the easter eggs . I thought we only get one each but we got 20 inside a boxes , I went home with a smile in my face .

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