Thursday, June 6, 2013

Going Out For A Run

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after noon, Room 15 ,20 and 21  goes out for a run because fun run is coming up , fun run mean we dress up and run 5 laps around the whole field. When we get down to the field room 15 goes first then 20 and our class go. Me and my friend Taamai always run together.

We walk when we get to the big tree then we run again. When we are nearly at the end we race to the gate together. After we went for a second run it was muddy in the beginning. After we got to the end we sat down and waited for the others to finish then we can go back to class.

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  1. HI Doris,
    Good use of language to take me through your running practice. I could picture it as you describe it. Remember to pace yourself.

    Looking forward to another post from you very soon.


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