Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kawau Island

The first thing we did when we got to Kawau Island is taking our bags into our cabin and then go for a swim.Then the next day we did activities our first activities was orienteering.After orienteering we went abseiling.Abseiling was fun but we didn’t get to go in the big one.Anamei went first when she got up the top she was scare to come down.Then we have to go in the little one.

Next we went to kayaking it was the most fun thing I did.We made a raft togetter and we had a compettion, me and Frankie had a challenge.I have to go in his boat and he goes in my boat.We have to swap boat.I have to go to the back of the boats and he goes in the front,he thought Erin said he goes at back.Then we raced ,he was coming in my way.Then he fell in the water,he was so scare because the snik ray in the water.

Sailing was the scary thing I did because I nearly fell in the water.I was glad I didn’t fall in water and I felt relieved when it was over.My bottom was wet then we went straght for a swim.I said to my self I’m never going to do sailing ever again.

I was so relieved that camp was over I miss my family so much.

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