Friday, March 15, 2013

The Special Assembly

Last week on Friday we had an assembly and half of our class went to softball. We sat down on the chairs and listened to Miss Muliaumase'alii and group singing Fiafia music.We started singing too. It was fun .

After Miss Muliaumase'alii and her group sang she introduced a special guest. I was wondering who it was . Miss Muliaumase'alii told us .It was her brother we clapped to welcome him .Then he told us about where he travels to . He travels to Austrian , London and Samoa .

He began to sing the minoiminoi song means hurry it a samoa song .When he finished saying his bit we say minoi minoi minoi . It was funny and we were laughing . All off the class were waving there hand up .

Miss Muliaumase'alii brother sang another song that come from Samoa too , but this one is about the Surinam happen in Samoa .Then next he sang a song from London.His voice was high and genral . It was amazing .Then we went back to class .
                                                             The  End

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  1. Hi Doris

    I enjoyed reading your post about assembly. Ms M's brother was awesome wasn't he? Keep up the good work.


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