Friday, March 22, 2013

The lonely old man

One day there was a lonely old man walking along the sand at the beach .The old man name was Jack. He was holding his sandals while walking in bare feet . He had grey hair and was wearing oversize coat .

Poor man he's homeless . He has no family and no kids . His feet was tingling and felt cold in the sands He was so lonely no one talks to him , but then someone 'said" hi .

As he walked past people they felt sorry for him . He went to the beach to washed his feet. He looked at people in the beach splashing  around and soon he got wet . So he went to a sunny place and dried out .

After he dried out, it started raining . Poor old man no where he could run . He saw a broken umbrella and he went to hide in it . He hide under the umbrella and his hands felt freezing .

A man walked by and he saw someone under the umbrella . He went and looked it was an old man . He said" lets go up to the building . When he got to the building it stopped raining . He went to his house and had a rest .


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