Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My holidays

On Sunday after church I went over to my friend house and her name is Linah.  Her big sisters name is Rita and Esther. 

On Monday we went to my house to get some clothes and after I got my clothes we went back home. We played on the Ipad and play outside. After we watch tv in Esther room.

On Tuesday me and Linah stayed at home and play on the Ipad. When Linah mum came back we went shopping at k mark and new world. We bought some food. Then we went to take away shop and buy chicken and chips. After that we went to the park. We played touch and Esther told us to run around the whole field.

On Wednesday we went to buy food for Linah grandpa. We got there and we played kicking. It was fun. We went back to Linah house , we stay and clean the house. We play at the playground at the back of there house.

On Thursday we clean the house and after cleaning the house we went  to the beach. It was fun we were bombing of the wharf. After we went to change because it was getting cold.

On Friday we went to our youth staff. We all meet in our church and we did the prayer and we went. We follow the pastor then we stopped at the bump and we got lost. We rang one of our church people and they said is at the royal oak primary. We got there. They wasn’tt there we went back still no one. We drive for 3 hours then at last we found it but it was finished.

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