Friday, May 17, 2013

Report about eggs

Report about eggs                                 

Hens are part of the bird family. There are 920,000,000 eggs per year that are eaten by people in New Zealand.

Free range/organic eggs

Hens can run around , flap their wings and perch or nest because they have lots of space.

Caged hens

There are 6 birds per cage. The cages are on an angle for the eggs to roll down. Hens cannot exercise.

Health benefits

Eggs are high in protien and are easy for our bodies to digest.

Different size and colours

Some eggs have different size and different colours.

Hens and chicken laid eggs. Mostly eggs come from caged hens.

Ways to cook eggs

We can cook eggs in different ways like boiled , fried and scrambled. There are no nutritional difference between white and brown eggs. Egg yolks In New Zealand are dark. Organic and free range eggs are expensive thats why cage eggs are cheaper.


Eggs are good for our bodies. You can put eggs in lots of things, like eggs in a sandwich. Did you know that protein is mostly in the yolk?

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